My name is John Reisinger and I am the author of several books with historic themes such as Master Detective: The Life and Crimes of Ellis Parker, America’s Real-life Sherlock Holmes, Nassau, Evasive Action, and the Max Hurlock Roaring 20s Mysteries. These books and a lot of information about them may be found at www.johnreisinger.com.


Do you know where this is? Hint: Check out the ship in the background

In my day to day working life, however, I was a Civil Engineer. Through the years, I have encountered many man-made structures, from buildings to arctic water storage tanks, and learned the side of them most people never see. These structures, some well known and some not, often have a long history of conflict, struggle, and human drama behind them, usually starting before they were even built. I have collected and compiled these stories into several classroom or seminar presentations I have given at various colleges, libraries, conferences, and organizations. One was recorded and is occasionally rebroadcast on local TV. I have also appeared on a recent segment of Mysteries at the Museum, and even sat on a panel for the New York Musical Theater Festival to talk about a previous book. (My one and only appearance on a Broadway stage. Fortunately, no one asked me to sing!)

Currently, I am researching and adding to these stories behind the structures for a forthcoming book on the subject. Included on these pages are some of the results, but the book will have a lot more. If you know of some building or structure that might have an interesting story behind it, let me know and I will acknowledge your contribution.

My email is  johnrbooks@yahoo.com

Here’s a challenge to get you started: It’s not hard to figure out where the first picture above was taken (and it’s not Las Vegas!), but how about the lower picture? If you can figure it out, you will be an official Master of Geography and Potentate of Uncommon Knowledge. (Hint: It’s a well known place and the ship in the background is the key.)